Morning Time Alarm Bell

Time spent wisely 

Sat quietly crossed legged,

Just working through,

Your bits and pieces.

A smile on your face,

A sweetness in the air,

Your mind content.

Your little world,

A place that’s yours.

The door opens wide,

And she walks in.

Looks down at you,

Sees your last hour.

It’s there on her face,

You can tell.

She needn’t say the rest,

But she can’t resist.

“What a waste of time.”¬†

Girl in Black and White

Your standpoint

A wave of regret.

Red, hot,


Taking all the space.

A silly remark,


Delivered all wrong,

Received not right.


A rush of blood,

A look of red.

Hours, days,


Mentioned, later.

They didn’t remember.