It was like a wave, 

dragging you down beneath the surface. 

And in that second the world stopped. 

You stopped. 

Everything changed. 

Yet no one else saw a difference. 

And things just continued as they always had. 

couple at sunset by the sea

A poem from 2009

I’m asking you for answers,
But I know I’ll just get nothing,
I don’t know why I bother,
Thinking you’re the man of the hour.

I remember the days,
Where we laughed and played.
It was simpler, easier back then,
When we didn’t have the pressure.

Fairytales and fantasies,
Were the thoughts that I had.
None of this about the future,
It was all about the here and now.

Free willed and fun loving,
It made the times so easy.
I miss the days of you and me.
I miss the days of worriless dew.

Why can’t we just go back,
And forget this burning pain?
Ignore the tears that fall,
Licking the wounds that remain.

Back to the days of hope,
The days of smiles,
The days of dreams.

Kirk Douglas - Big Trees - 1952

The games we play 

You smiled.

Laughed a little.

He had a cheeky glint.

You moved closer.

You were taking the lead.

He sat up. Took note.

He’d seen.

Your eyes land on him.

Your gaze check him out.

Up, down. Linger on the face.

The lips, the smile.

You found your target.

He knew.

He was playing you.

You let him lean in.

Let him move your hair,

to whisper in your ear.

He said the right things.

He was interested.

You knew.

You were playing him.