Little Dear 

It’s not you, it is everything.
It’s the past, it’s the future,
it’s the moments in between.

It’s the invisible weight bearing down.
The fake smiles to hide the hurt. 
The battles that can never be won. 

Round and round, the restless feeling 
where you’re constantly trying.
Battling, flailing, fighting, surviving. 

What is there left to give? 
What is left inside of me? 
What is left of me?

Be strong, little dear, for you have so much more to see. 

Empty Bench and Lamp post


What would you say,
If you were to say goodbye?
Would you keep it short and sweet,
Would you delve down deep?

What would you do,
If you had no more tomorrows?
Would you look back in pleasure,
Would you give away your treasure?

What would you say, what would you do,
If you met your final hour?
Would you hold on tight,
Would you give away your power?

What would you say,
If you could only say one more thing?
Would you be honest, would you be kind?
Would you let them into your mind?