Street folk

A sharp scream that pierced the night,
echoing through the neighbourhood.
Its owner unknown, hidden amongst the black.
The street folk shifted, sensing something but not wanting to know.
Hands in pockets, gazes cast down, they shuffle forwards.
One more time, louder in the growing darkness.
Quick glance, one foot in front of the other.
Hurry now. Try not to be the last.


It’s the unknown that makes you squirm 

It’s not that you don’t care.

It’s not that you don’t want to hear it. 

It’s not that you don’t want to see it. 

It’s that it makes you uncomfortable.

You don’t know what to do, say, think. So it’s easier to ignore it.

You don’t mean to turn away, to avert your eyes, hide your face. 

You do it before you realise that you are doing it. 

You carry on with what you know. 

What you feel comfortable with. 

What doesn’t confront what is inside of yourself. 

You squirm a little, so you move away. Move on. 

When you’re far enough away, far enough away so the debrises won’t come near you.  

You shoot a look. A quick one. Eyes widen. In that one look, they can see. 

They can understand, that you do not. 

But they know, they know that it’s not your fault. 

And you turn away, turn back, ignore, forget. Try to forget. 

And they sigh. And carry on, as best they can. 

To be human 

They expect so much. They hold such high standards. And if they’re not met the first time, they don’t offer no second chances. 

Why do they expect you be so perfect the first time round? 

You are learning. You’re all learning. 

You’ve never done this before – life. It’s new to you. Just like it was to them, just like it still is to them.  

No-one has done it before – until it’s too late to ask them. It wouldn’t be this hard if you had. 

They expect the right answers the first time. If there’s a mistake, if you react too much, if you put a foot out of place, they give you that look.


Pure disappointment etched into the lines and cracks of their faces. 

It’s okay to not have the right answer straight away. To not know what the right thing to do in a situation is. To let emotions do the talking. 

It’s okay for this because you improve on this.

They need to give you the time to improve, to be what you can be. To reach the imagery potentional which lives up there with their high standards. 

They need to give you a chance, they are not perfect either.

Acknowledge that we are human.

Let you be human.