Just Another Day - Poem

Just another day

Drip, drip,
you sit and watch.
Drip, drip,
the same old noise.
Drip, drip,
just another day.

Fix it, they say.
Fix it, they plead.
Fix it, they scream.
You stop,
and stare.

Drip, drip,
it’s back again.
Drip, drip,
glass-eyed and numb.
Drip, drip,
just another day.

Do something, they say.
Anything, they hope.
Fix it, they scream.
You stop,
and smile.

Drip, drip,
you rise and fall.
Drip, drip,
You laugh, you scream.
Drip, drip,
just another day.


The smile falters and the twinkle fades,
the laughter ends and the nights grow longer.
The darkness seeps in to every corner
and soon you lose your thirst for wonder.

Leaving no room for thoughts of the future,
just filled with horrors dreamt in your bed.
Gone are the ideas that once played out inside your head,
replaced with a numbness that feels as heavy as led.

Each day is a torment between you and yourself.
A battle to paint your face with the same plastic smile,
to show the world that you’re okay for a while,
to try and surpass that imaginary, marked out mile.

Tomorrow will be easier, you say time and again
but the future arrives and you’re still a mess.
You sit there wondering how they never guess
and hoping one day that you may just confess.

A conundrum that’s called life 

You are thrust into the unknown. An unknown that is constantly changing and evolving, sometimes to an extent that you do not understand nor can process.

And with it, comes confusion. Lots of confusion. Expectation. The fear of failure. The fear of the Unknown.

But what can you do?

Choose not to listen nor think about everyone’s expectation of yourself, just think about your own.

Prioritise you and the things that matter to you – do not say yes because they expect it of you.

Do not think that you have failed if you are being you, doing what you can and most importantly being true to yourself. If you succeed in this, you have exceeded any expectation ever laid out before you.

The road is long. But it is a good road to be on. It is full of beauty, magic, wonder, excitement – more than you can think or dream of.

It is full of horrors, darkness, demons and monsters – more fearsome and terrifying than any story told before.

But it is life.

The good, the bad, the brilliant, the damn right awful and everything else in between. Just say yes to it.

Create the person you want to be – improve and reflect. Be self-aware, be aware of all that you can be. Take time to breathe, and then do everything all at once. Don’t ever waste the time that you have.

Laugh, cry, smile, feel pain, feel happiness, see beauty, give love, hear joy.

Take it all.

It is yours, and it is yours for the taking.