An idea

One day you see a side

that you never knew existed

and the vision shifts a little,

just very slightly altered,

but just enough to wonder

what else did you assume?

For you only moulded me

on what you wanted to see.

Quote: Louis de Bernieres – The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts

“Life is nothing if not a random motion of coincidences and quirks of chance; it never goes as planned or as foretold; frequently one gains happiness from being obliged to follow an unchosen path, or misery from following a chosen one.”

Confession, I’ve never actually read the book. The Rolling Home posted this one on Instagram and I thought it was too good not to share (and their van is just too good).

London Birds

What’s on the other side 

Happy Tuesday… I’m currently enjoying my last Tuesday of unemployment until the new job starts on Friday.

With the sun shining and the garden to myself, I was all ready to put some words to WordPress. And then I went to plug in my laptop charger. Of course, it was broken. And of course, my laptop was lagging in battery life. But nevermind (a quick visit to Amazon means a replacement is on its way), I shall just be stuck to typing on the phone instead. So apologies in advance for the multitude of mistakes that will undoubtedly appear!

Anyways, this isn’t a post about my laptop’s battery (or lack of). I wanted to sit and write and share.

I moved back from London to my hometown in Yorkshire, where I lived for 18years and where my first ideas of the world formed, around a month ago. And it’s nice.

If you told me three years ago when I was packing my bags for the Big City that I would be back here, I would never have believed you. But that’s the thing with life, it’s constantly changing.


A change of plan. A new adventure.

Isn’t it funny how you can concoct so many ideas of reality in your head without even leaving the house?

A trait I’m sure you enjoy more when you are younger: when long days in the summer are filled with dreams of what you could do, fantasises of who you will be, where you will live and what you will see.

Ideas would flit in and out about what your life should be when you grow up, when you are a grown up. Ideas of how you are meant to live life.


The lure of online

Think back, think back a little further. Think back to those times before mobile phones, tablets, computers.

Think back to those times before social media. Before our lives could be traced back with a click, a scroll of a mouse.

Think back to those times before we turned ourselves into a brand, before we were as contrived, before our only hope of a connection is a ping from our phones.

In the last 10, 20 years our lives have been radically altered due to a man named Tim Burners-Lee.

He invented that thing called the World Wide Web. He gave it away for free; he wasn’t to know what it would become.

Fast forward a few years and 1.55billion people use Facebook each month.

But is this a bad thing?

You can communicate easily. You can keep in touch with those across continents. Share, discuss, laugh.

But it can also take a viscious turn. It can become self-promotion, it can become about your self-worth, it can become about keeping an idea of yourself alive.

It can become a distraction. But not a filling one, not one that gives you anything.