That yes was yesterday

for the new dawn brings

a self that wakes anew

where something has shifted,

unnoticeable to the eye

but rooted deep within,

brimming with questions

rising up and through.


Good Night

Who are you to know

the insides of me?

Why should you see

the thoughts that filter through?

You’re nothing but

a passing moment.

Already prepared

with a goodbye speech,

how the night was fun,

but now the sun has risen.

The lure of online

Think back, think back a little further. Think back to those times before mobile phones, tablets, computers.

Think back to those times before social media. Before our lives could be traced back with a click, a scroll of a mouse.

Think back to those times before we turned ourselves into a brand, before we were as contrived, before our only hope of a connection is a ping from our phones.

In the last 10, 20 years our lives have been radically altered due to a man named Tim Burners-Lee.

He invented that thing called the World Wide Web. He gave it away for free; he wasn’t to know what it would become.

Fast forward a few years and 1.55billion people use Facebook each month.

But is this a bad thing?

You can communicate easily. You can keep in touch with those across continents. Share, discuss, laugh.

But it can also take a viscious turn. It can become self-promotion, it can become about your self-worth, it can become about keeping an idea of yourself alive.

It can become a distraction. But not a filling one, not one that gives you anything.