Street folk

A sharp scream that pierced the night,
echoing through the neighbourhood.
Its owner unknown, hidden amongst the black.
The street folk shifted, sensing something but not wanting to know.
Hands in pockets, gazes cast down, they shuffle forwards.
One more time, louder in the growing darkness.
Quick glance, one foot in front of the other.
Hurry now. Try not to be the last.

Glass Breaking


You are frustrated.

You can feel it bubbling.

The annoyance, rise.

You try to express your point,

But it comes out blurred.

The frustration grows.

You try to breathe,

To gather your thoughts, opinions.

Why can’t they see?

Why can’t they understand?

You try again, but they laugh.

You try to hold it in,

But you can’t.

Tears stream down your cheeks,

Hot, wet, against your cold flesh.

You are frustrated.