Welcome to my little bit of the Internet!

If you’ve somehow stumbled onto this site and are wondering who the heck CLJ is, then you’re on the right page.

The tagline is a bit of a clue – I was born and grew up in Yorkshire. But after 21 years, I left my Northern roots and headed to London. Now, I’m wandering.

Having a big passion for writing, life, travel and people, I studied journalism at university (at Leeds if you wondered), which led me to create this lil’ blog.

As time has passed, I’ve started to share more of my creative writing (including poetry!), as well as my thoughts about the world around us. This is mixed with a heady dose of brilliant quotes from those far more intelligent than myself.

A blur of fiction and reality, I hope that you find something of interest here. Feel free to read, comment, share your thoughts or get in touch!

Oh, and that’s me below. Hi!