London Birds

What’s on the other side 

Happy Tuesday… I’m currently enjoying my last Tuesday of unemployment until the new job starts on Friday.

With the sun shining and the garden to myself, I was all ready to put some words to WordPress. And then I went to plug in my laptop charger. Of course, it was broken. And of course, my laptop was lagging in battery life. But nevermind (a quick visit to Amazon means a replacement is on its way), I shall just be stuck to typing on the phone instead. So apologies in advance for the multitude of mistakes that will undoubtedly appear!

Anyways, this isn’t a post about my laptop’s battery (or lack of). I wanted to sit and write and share.

I moved back from London to my hometown in Yorkshire, where I lived for 18years and where my first ideas of the world formed, around a month ago. And it’s nice.

If you told me three years ago when I was packing my bags for the Big City that I would be back here, I would never have believed you. But that’s the thing with life, it’s constantly changing.

London was incredible. But London is so obsessed with itself I got tired of it. The way money is more than a currency. It is a way of life. The obsession with how much you earn and the desire to earn more, it got too much for me. That doesn’t fulfill me. Cool – if it does you, but for me I just kept getting this niggling feeling of ‘not this’.

I didn’t know what my alternative was, but I knew I needed to start again. It’s easy to get sucked into a way of life, especially when it’s a nice one. It’s easy to continue until you realise you’re five years in and have no idea how it happened – I felt like that was the way I was going.

So after almost three amazing years in that London. I decided it was time to say goodbye. I said goodbye to my friends, my colleagues, my career and my flat. Packed up my bags and moved back in with the parents.

On Friday I start my new job waitressing. And I can’t wait. For the first time in a very long time I’ve felt content. Happy. Positive for the future, no longer scared of what awaits.

We often live a certain way because we think that’s the way we should live. We see our friends living one way, we see random people on social media in certain circumstances and we feel that we should be replicating that. We should be living like that. But really, all you should focus on is what makes you happy.

I know I’m in a privledged situation to be able to make these changes. Some people can’t, but some people are just afraid of the other side and so they settle. But if you’re ever thinking ‘not this’, step back and see what else this can be.

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