Chop, chop and shave 

A lovely frivolous post about… my hair (because why not?).

A few weeks ago I went to see my darrrling friend Eve (We have an addiction to Ab Fab.), who currently works at Hinde hairdressers in Wath.

I was chuffed with the end result (more on that later), but I was also chuffed to spend some time in the shop.

As it’s a salon, it’s all about the look, right? And Hinde have ensured they’ll give nothing less than a good first impression. Think lots of wood, bare brick, exposed pipes, a brilliant bright couch and a wheel-turned-chandelier to light the place up.

Overall the feel is a brilliant mix of industrial vintage – and there’s lots of natural light that floods the place.

Anyways! Back to the hair. Eve sorted me right out. I wasn’t too fussed what she did, but I did want something different while keeping the length.

So she went for a backwards mullet (or undercut as some like to call it), lots of red and a lush blowout.

Hinde Hairdressers - Wath

The end result.

I was super happy with how it all turned out and would definitely recommend a visit.

So, if you’re Yorkshire bound and fancy a new do, check out Hinde for some lovely locks.

Hinde Hairdressers - Wath

Myself and Eve 💁

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