A change of plan. A new adventure.

Isn’t it funny how you can concoct so many ideas of reality in your head without even leaving the house?

A trait I’m sure you enjoy more when you are younger: when long days in the summer are filled with dreams of what you could do, fantasises of who you will be, where you will live and what you will see.

Ideas would flit in and out about what your life should be when you grow up, when you are a grown up. Ideas of how you are meant to live life.

Before long, you had a clear idea. An idea that was stitched together by countless dreamt up pictures of your fantasy future.

You, older, sat in an office, running around a city in your slick outfit, tapping away on your technology.

You, meeting friends in fancy bars, laughing and joking, bubbles flowing until evening turns to night.

You, meeting a tall, dark and handsome stranger, going out for nice meals, starting a life together.

You, in your nice house, your partner there to greet you. In the kitchen, cooking, dancing, music playing through the house.

You, putting your children to bed, reading them stories. Sitting down with a glass of wine, curling up on your white sofa, snuggling next to your perfect partner.

And like that, your idea of what your life should be was created. So you sought to make it a reality.

But what happens when you’re in the middle of this dreamt up reality and you realise that this is not the way you want to live?

It’s not that the idea wasn’t good enough. It’s just that the idea no longer fits. It was an idea created by your younger daydreaming self. The reality is you are now older and self-assured, and you no longer want to create this life.

At first it feels odd to get your head around it all. You have reached the end of your childhood, but you’re only at the beginning of your adulthood.

At first it feels as though you have failed. You can’t create the ideas and dreams a younger self once had.

But then a different perspective.

The realistation that life is not a series of photos. That life is full of moments that you should live how the heck you like. That life is always evolving. That you are forever evolving.

And then you start to relax as the realisation dawns. The realisation that you’re allowed to change your mind. That you’re allowed to say this is not what you want anymore.

That you are a constantly changing being with constantly changing dreams.

And then you think – this is the only way we grow, by seeking out our new dreams and ambitions.

So you seek.

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