Month: June 2016

Chop, chop and shave 

A lovely frivolous post about… my hair (because why not?).

A few weeks ago I went to see my darrrling friend Eve (We have an addiction to Ab Fab.), who currently works at Hinde hairdressers in Wath.

I was chuffed with the end result (more on that later), but I was also chuffed to spend some time in the shop.


A change of plan. A new adventure.

Isn’t it funny how you can concoct so many ideas of reality in your head without even leaving the house?

A trait I’m sure you enjoy more when you are younger: when long days in the summer are filled with dreams of what you could do, fantasises of who you will be, where you will live and what you will see.

Ideas would flit in and out about what your life should be when you grow up, when you are a grown up. Ideas of how you are meant to live life.