Books on the Underground: Keeping London Reading

I recently came across Books on the Underground (BOTU) and wanted to do a shout-out about it as I think it’s such a lovely idea.

Books on the Underground…

The concept is pretty much how it sounds: books which find their way to you on the underground. BOTU leave much-loved novels on the tube, you pick them up, read them and then leave them for the next person to enjoy.

Each book is stickered with an explanation about BOTU. And you can even get involved by leaving your own books on the underground. Just give them an email and they’ll send you some stickers.

Books on the Underground

Image credit: Books on the Underground

They’ve now gone one step further by starting The Underground Book Club which meets every month to discuss all things books and have a cheeky drink. And, they’re now stateside with Books on the Subway.

Along with their mission to spread people’s favourite reads around the underground, BOTU will work with publishers and authors for special campaigns. Most recently, they did a Valentine’s special. So keep an eye out when you’re next on the tube as it could be your turn to participate in BOTU!

You can check out Books on the Underground here or head over to BOTU’s Twitter for the latest happenings.

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