The Picture Foundry

This month one of my tasks at Exposed magazine was to interview the very talented photographer Timm Cleasby. I got to visit Stone Mill Studios, which is the home and studio of Timm and, his wife, Sam.  After spending a lovely afternoon at their place  – complete with freshly baked cookies – I thought I would do a quick post about it.

Timm’s a photographer and together they run The Picture Foundry. Their studio, Stone Mill, is this heavenly place with a beautiful garden, stream, tree house and veggie patch. I pretty much fell in love with it  there and then. It’s also where you get to go if you have a portrait done by them, which, frankly, I would be tempted to do just to go back there.

There’s a lovely feature about it all, where you can read all about Timm’s photography and past as a tour manager (He worked with the Artic Monkeys and The Darkness to name a few.) in this month’s Exposed mag. Make sure you pick up a copy.


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