21 things to do before I hit 21

A lovely, self indulgent post.

I turn 21 in less than two months. For some reason, 21 is still deemed a big birthday. It’s one to celebrate and make a big fuss about. The first birthday of your adulthood or the last one of your childhood. Either way, it’s just an excuse for a party.

I never really imagined where I would be at 21 or what I would be doing.

What I do know is that I thought it would be nice to take a step back and see what I want to achieve before then.

Lately, I’ve been finding it difficult to take part in life properly or rather enjoy the full advantages of it. This list is just a reminder that there are things that should be done, need to be done and are rather enjoyable.

So here goes.

1) Finish uni work (I graduate in about 6 weeks and everything but uni work seems to be a priority.)

2) Go on a walk in the country (I love the country. I live in Yorkshire, lots of beautiful walks, yet, I haven’t explored any of these trails since my teenage years.)

3) Host a cocktail party (This is happening tomorrow. It’s meant to be a classy affair but with the amount of alchol that we’ve bought it’s more like a who’s-going-to-puke-first thing.)

4) Make a start on my novel

5) Post more on Tallulah

6) Save some money, any amount, just something

7) Bake Char a birthday cake (My house mate’s birthday was in Janurary, I promised her a cake, it’s now March.)

8) Make a pie, dessert pie (This seems odd but the reason behind it is that I bought a pie dish about four months ago and haven’t used it yet.)

10) Be brave (Always good to be brave.)

11) Buy a passport (Lost this one sometime last year, yet to replace it.)

12) Learn a new song on the drums (I have a lovely electronic drum kit that fankly isn’t used half as much as it should be.)

13) Finish the books I’m currently reading (There are a few… I keep buying more.)

14) Loose half a stone (Summer is fast approaching! However, I like cake, a lot.)

15) Work harder

16) Apply for graduate jobs (Graduation is right around the corner.)

17) Figure out my next move (Where do I want live/what do I want to do etc etc)

18) Smile more (The weather is gloomy, everyone is stressing over uni and things are just a bit grey but sometimes you just have to smile through it.)

19) Draw more

20) Wear my Docs more (I have a lovely pair of Dr. Martens that need to be worn more.)

21) Stop procrastinating (For example, stop making silly lists…)

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