Because it’s important to care

For some reason, whatever that reason is and whatever you believe it be, we have ended up here on this planet with brains that allow thought and words that allow communication.

So that in itself is something.

For me, that is reason enough for why we should care.

Yes, it is easy to doubt. To be skeptical of life, what it has to offer and to despair at it.

But at the same time we are here, we won’t always be, others will come after us and that gives us a cause.

We need to protect what is important and believe in what is just.

We can take a look around at the world and become disheartened. The violence, the propaganda, the corrupt governements, the press, the police…

It can go on and on.

But instead of becoming despondent we need to do something about it.

One thing that we can do is talk about it, educate people and, hopefully, make them care.

Now, the world we live in has advanced so quickly that we can now communicate very easily with masses of people.

So why then, are we not using this?

Instead we choose to gossip about mind-numbing television and other bollocks.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy those things but I am saying that if we have the tools to create change, then we should use them. 

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