Month: March 2013

21 things to do before I hit 21

A lovely, self indulgent post.

I turn 21 in less than two months. For some reason, 21 is still deemed a big birthday. It’s one to celebrate and make a big fuss about. The first birthday of your adulthood or the last one of your childhood. Either way, it’s just an excuse for a party.

I never really imagined where I would be at 21 or what I would be doing.

What I do know is that I thought it would be nice to take a step back and see what I want to achieve before then.

Lately, I’ve been finding it difficult to take part in life properly or rather enjoy the full advantages of it. This list is just a reminder that there are things that should be done, need to be done and are rather enjoyable.

So here goes.

1) Finish uni work (I graduate in about 6 weeks and everything but uni work seems to be a priority.)

2) Go on a walk in the country (I love the country. I live in Yorkshire, lots of beautiful walks, yet, I haven’t explored any of these trails since my teenage years.)

3) Host a cocktail party (This is happening tomorrow. It’s meant to be a classy affair but with the amount of alchol that we’ve bought it’s more like a who’s-going-to-puke-first thing.)

4) Make a start on my novel

5) Post more on Tallulah

6) Save some money, any amount, just something

7) Bake Char a birthday cake (My house mate’s birthday was in Janurary, I promised her a cake, it’s now March.)

8) Make a pie, dessert pie (This seems odd but the reason behind it is that I bought a pie dish about four months ago and haven’t used it yet.)

10) Be brave (Always good to be brave.)

11) Buy a passport (Lost this one sometime last year, yet to replace it.)

12) Learn a new song on the drums (I have a lovely electronic drum kit that fankly isn’t used half as much as it should be.)

13) Finish the books I’m currently reading (There are a few… I keep buying more.)

14) Loose half a stone (Summer is fast approaching! However, I like cake, a lot.)

15) Work harder

16) Apply for graduate jobs (Graduation is right around the corner.)

17) Figure out my next move (Where do I want live/what do I want to do etc etc)

18) Smile more (The weather is gloomy, everyone is stressing over uni and things are just a bit grey but sometimes you just have to smile through it.)

19) Draw more

20) Wear my Docs more (I have a lovely pair of Dr. Martens that need to be worn more.)

21) Stop procrastinating (For example, stop making silly lists…)

Because it’s important to care

For some reason, whatever that reason is and whatever you believe it be, we have ended up here on this planet with brains that allow thought and words that allow communication.

So that in itself is something.

For me, that is reason enough for why we should care.

Yes, it is easy to doubt. To be skeptical of life, what it has to offer and to despair at it.

But at the same time we are here, we won’t always be, others will come after us and that gives us a cause.

We need to protect what is important and believe in what is just.

We can take a look around at the world and become disheartened. The violence, the propaganda, the corrupt governements, the press, the police…

It can go on and on.

But instead of becoming despondent we need to do something about it.

One thing that we can do is talk about it, educate people and, hopefully, make them care.

Now, the world we live in has advanced so quickly that we can now communicate very easily with masses of people.

So why then, are we not using this?

Instead we choose to gossip about mind-numbing television and other bollocks.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy those things but I am saying that if we have the tools to create change, then we should use them.