Marc Jacobs by Vogue

Marc Jacobs – New York Fashion Week

Once again, after an exhilarating few days, New York Fashion Week is over for another season. The editors, the models (and now the bloggers) have traipsed off to London to see what it has to offer.

There was one show that hit me hard during the madness and excitement of the week.

Marc Jacobs.

He upped the glamour, he brought the elegance, and it was perfect.

He recreated the beauty of the 30s with elegant silks and to die for furs (which I’m pretty sure were faux) but added a cheeky twist with silk pyjamas, junky knits and baring almost a bit too much leg.

Marc Jacobs by Vogue Marc Jacobs by Vogue Marc Jacobs by Vogue

The music and backdrop (orbiting suns) made it almost seem like a deadly stroll in the dessert. The models sauntered around the catwalk twice. First, with the orange sun that sent the models and clothes into sepia and then in full colour. It allowed the muted, jewel tones, shimmering silks and sparkling dresses their moment.

The effect created a woman that had lived, had seen heartache but knew what she wanted. And, what she wanted were simple, beautiful, tailored clothes.

Of course, there had to be a bit of drama with Marc deciding that, last minute, he would move his show from Monday to Thursday. This caused the fashion world schedule nightmares.

However, it was worth it. He brought us a collection that I will be dreaming about wearing for a very long time.

Marc, Tallulah will forever love you.


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