Donny and Marie Live at Manchester Evening News Arena – Review

“And they call it puppy love…”

That was the scene when a stadium full of middle aged women were reduced to their former teenage self. This January Donny and Marie brought a bit of Vegas sparkle to Manchester.

I ended up there because of my mum. Her childhood hero was Donny Osmond. She even went to the extremes of having a pillowcase with his face on it. Something about being close to him…

Anyway, for her last birthday my brother and I generously bought her tickets to see him and Marie. For some reason my brother opted out of attending the show. So off my mum and I went.

Now, the music I normally listen to ranges from Motley Crue to System of Down, stopping at a bit of Nirvana on a down day, so I couldn’t exactly call myself a fan.

I expected a lot of over excited women, which many were present. In particular the one sat in front of us who, the poor dear, looked like she almost wet herself with excitement. What I didn’t expect, was to be blown away by their talent, the humour of Marie Osmond and to thoroughly enjoy their show.

Donny and Marie via Ticketmaster

The show was a perfect mixture of big hits, covers, reminiscing, humour and sequins. Donny and Marie were at ease on stage and with the crowd.

At one point Donny declared that he “wanted to do something that I never had the chance to do when I was younger.” He wanted to walk and sing among the crowd. Just before he jumped off the stage he asked for everyone to stay in their seats or it wouldn’t work.

Well, I learnt that Donny Osmond is a brave man. The promise to stay in their seats went out of the window as soon as he got off the stage. Women threw themselves at him. It was funny to watch from our seat, with cries of “I love you Donny” and “you’ve made my life” echoing around the stadium when women got too close to the microphone.

Donny, despite asking otherwise, clearly loved it. It was a reassuring ‘I’ve still got it’ to him, which was good because the stadium had quite a few empty seats.

Marie surprised both my mum and I. My mum was there for Donny but both of us left with a new found love for Marie Osmond.

She sang a variety of her hits and then belted out an incredible opera performance of Pie Jesu and Nessun Dorma. For a moment we were transported out of the arena and the crowd lapped it up, responding by giving her a standing ovation.

At one point a very eager gentleman was pulled out of the crowd on stage. He bravely sang a very cheeky duet with her. It made for a hilarious few minutes with Marie flirting  with him and then talking to his wife in the crowd. He left the stage a happy fellow and his wife was lucky enough to be granted a back stage pass to meet Donny.

They both clearly love what they do and that showed with the performance they gave. The sibling rivalry added humor and their talent spoke for itself. Throughout, I was entertained and often in awe. It’s safe to say that I’m definitely a convert.

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