Review: The Heroin Diaries – A year in the life of a Shattered Rock Star by Nikki Six

It’s Christmas day. You’re naked and alone, laid under a Christmas tree with a shotgun as your only companion. In 1986 this was Nikki Sixx. The Heroin Diaries – A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star is a brutal, surreal look at the real life of rock n roll.

Nikki Sixx, founder, song writer and bass player of Motley Crue, endured a troubled childhood, too much money and an addictive personality. This led him to an addiction with alcohol and drugs, in particularly heroin. During the height of his addiction which was also, not so coincidently, the height of his fame, Sixx kept dairies. On finding the forgotten about diaries he decided to publish them to help others avoid what he endured.

It features a truth, stripped back and real, that you would not find in any biography today; a disturbing insight into the mind of an addict, he died and lived twice, and the tales of a true rock n roll band. It makes Russell Brand’s My Booky Wook look very tame.

The diaries are strung together by a narrative from the present day Sixx and from the people who were with him at the time. This enables a full picture of what was happening and a true representation of his character.

A Motley Insight

However, it is not just a tale of Nikki Sixx, his past and messed up mind. It also captures a fascinating insight into the life of Motley Crue, real rock n roll and other bands of their time, in particular Guns and Roses.

At times it can be difficult to read. Often you end up in the closet of Nikki’s mansion where he is alone with his shotgun. He is so paranoid from the drugs that he thinks everyone is out to get him. If you are a woman reading it, it can be hard to stomach because of how they used and then discarded their women. It can be sickening but at the same time it engrosses you.

Although brutal, it does have some humour and the conclusion and introduction show how far he has come. The illustrations help to show what state of mind he was in and offer a further image of the dark and depressed life that he lived.

A definite must read. It is not just for those interested in Sixx and Motely Crue, but for anyone interested in a compelling, real life story, told from a first-hand account by a true rock and roll star.

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